? Top slot machines in Shangri La Kharkiv casino


With 70 state of the art cabinets on offer and a diverse range of the latest games you will be sure to find your favorite game in Shangri La, we offer a range of denominations and bets to suit the most casual player up to the most refined one.
Our advanced player’s card system allows you to instantly load credits to a machine with a tap of a card, allowing you to move freely about the hall and select the machine of your choice. Also you may play several machines at the same time using one card
Our highly trained staff will be happy to satisfy your every request.
All of our machines offer percentage return to player of 94% or higher.


Shangri La offers you the opportunity to play roulette on our automated roulette wheel


In our slot areas you’ll find a variety of mystery and timed slot jackpots, ranging from exciting regular quick hitting jackpots to large rewarding jackpots to suit everyone’s dreams. You can check the amounts of several of our jackpots live here, on the official website of the casino Shangri La.


Enjoy the exclusivity of our higher limit slots in our three VIP slot areas, where you will receive personalized service from our dedicated VIP staff in luxurious surroundings.


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