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Responsible gaming

SL KYIV casino is a responsible gaming operator who understands the potential risks of gambling.



Gambling should be considered solely as an exciting form of entertainment. One of the conditions of popular recreation is betting with money. The opportunity to win is a pleasant bonus.

It is crucial to always remember that gambling does NOT provide an opportunity to solve financial, social, or emotional problems. Casino entertainment is exclusively for relaxation and unforgettable emotions.

Gambling should not be the primary occupation and hobby. It is not advisable to devote a significant amount of time to casino entertainment.

When playing casino slots, only allocate funds designated for leisure. The remaining part of the budget should remain untouched.



Gambling is a special form of entertainment that ensures enjoyable leisure time. However, such strong emotions often get out of control, compelling casino guests to make impulsive actions. For problem gamblers, the outcome often becomes irrelevant. Ultimately, gambling takes a central place in life, leading to issues in other areas. Financial situations worsen most frequently, difficulties arise with loved ones, and problems emerge at work.

To identify the problem, it is essential to honestly answer the following questions:

  • How often do gambling activities last longer than planned?
  • Have you attempted to solve problems by engaging in gambling?
  • Have you had to borrow money for gambling?

Control the game – do not let the game control You!


    Замовити тур

    Заповнюючи дану форму, ви лише виявляєте бажання замовити послугу «Ігровий тур», що надається казино Шангрі Ла Київ.
    Будь ласка, використовуйте поле для коментарів, щоб вказати ваші уподобання, включаючи зручний час для телефонного дзвінка, або вкажіть зручний спосіб зв'язку.
    Після того, як ви відправите форму, на вашу електронну адресу буде надіслано автоматичний лист, що підтверджує, що ми отримали ваш запит. Незабаром в робочий час наш співробітник зв'яжеться з вами.


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